3-Steps to Success: Grow Your Business in 2021

3-Steps to Success: Grow Your Business in 2021

You wouldn’t be wrong for feeling discouraged, closed-off, or hesitant to make any big moves after this stress-riddled year. The pandemic threw a wrench in all best-laid business plans and left owners scrambling to adjust their processes or pivot their business model entirely.

But two major factors are giving us hope for the new year:

At least three vaccines (Pfizer, Moderna, and Oxford) have proven to be 90%+ effective in preventing COVID-19. Apart from giving many businesses hope that better days are on the horizon, the stock market is also jumping at the news.

Where the first factor looks to the future, the second looks to the past. If you were able to maneuver your business through this pandemic, then you’ve picked up some essential tools and experience for navigating a crisis and responding to external threats to your business. Don’t take it for granted: that experience is extremely valuable.

But how can your small business use this experience to blaze into 2021? Use the three R approach: reflect, revise, and re-engage.

Let’s break it down:


There’s a lot to look back on this year. The pandemic aside, consider how your business weathered the storm.

Begin with March and the first rumblings of significant change to come. How did you react? Think about the systems and processes you had in place. How did they affect your ability to adjust? Were you able to respond to new market opportunities, innovate to a new product or service, or pivot to online sales? If not, what prevented you and more importantly, what changes can you implement now to protect your business from the remaining and future economic instability?

Look at your bottom line. Specifically, how did this past year affect your relationship with your clients? How did all of this affect your competitors?

Adam Witty, entrepreneur and ForbesBooks co-author of Authority Marketing: Your Blueprint to Build Thought Leadership That Grows Business, Attracts Opportunity, and Makes Competition Irrelevant, touches on how the review is crucial to planning for 2021:

“Use what you’ve learned to get your ducks in order to manage your business in a manner that meets both your and your customers’ needs . . .”


Now that you’ve taken a holistic view of your business, it’s time to make adjustments where necessary.

With a greater shift towards digital growth in 2020, take what you’ve learned, and determine how technology can positively affect your macro goals.

For example, look at your marketing and sales strategies. Since COVID restrictions have significantly reduced both in-person outreach and meetings, engagement has shifted to a digital format. You might need to consolidate your marketing efforts and data accrual under a high-functioning CRM. These features, along with functionality, can be easily integrated into your website’s central functions (find out more here).

Fortunately, you may already have an existing tool that can enhance your 2021 output: your website. Take a deep dive into your company’s sales and marketing analytics to see how website patterns have changed recently. Do the same with your email campaign analytics. Who is opening the email and clicking through for more information?

The only thing you should not do is stay still. Your competitors are likely making moves to enhance their growth in 2021. You should too.


You’ve reflected and made plans for improvement. Now it’s time to make moves.

This is an excellent time to innovate by finding solutions to your customers’ pressing issues. Look around and see what others in your industry are doing. What can your business do to provide essential products and/or services?

Nobody wants to hear about spending money right now, but regardless of the times, the adage, “you have to spend money, to make money,” still applies.

Strengthen your website and use it to build on existing automation. Take your marketing efforts, for example. You can include your sales funnel and lead pipeline into your website integrations (Yes! It’s possible. Learn how). It’s important to remember that your ultimate goal is to close the sale, which begins by making sure your customers can easily find and buy what they need. In addition, make sure your website has quality content, is mobile-friendly, easy to navigate, and secure.

Also, reach out to your customers and suppliers. Let them know how your business is optimizing for 2021 and keep them in the loop on business enhancements.

Include SEO in your new business development plan, as well. More and more businesses and consumers turn to search engines to easily find a solution to their problem. Boost your business’s visibility and increase your organic search traffic.


You can’t always control what happens to your business, but you can control how you react, respond, and prepare.

Again, Adam Witty advocates for taking what you’ve learned during this time and moving forward by asking:

“Can your business handle the unexpected if something you couldn’t possibly anticipate were to arise, as happened in 2020? . . . If the answer is yes, chances are you’re ready to play in a post-pandemic world.”

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